I value the privacy of my readers. This site does not collect personal information, because it’s a static site. It does use several external services. I am using the following privacy enhancing settings for the external services (part of the HUGO framework):

IP Addresses are anonimyzed for Google Analytics
Do Not Track setting is respected
Simple modes for Instagram and Twitter (if used in posts). This makes sure static, no-js versions are created
PrivancyEnhanced mode for Youtube (if used in posts): Youtube will not store information about you unless you play the embedded video

This site uses google analytics. Information is collected anonymised by Google. I have no way to identify visitors directly or indirectly with another data-source. Nonetheless, you have the opportunity to opt out for Google Analytics via this browser add-on.

You also have the option to opt out for advertisements: Furthermore you have the option to manage add settings for google, or opt out for via NAI.

For commenting on blog posts, Disqus is used. You need to sign up for a Disqus account and sign in, before comments can be placed. The privacy policy of Disqus can be found here.


I created this blog using the great static website generator HUGO. A static website is fast and secure by nature. Since there is only static content, there is a much smaller threat landscape. Furthermore, for the hosting I use a server-less setup at AWS (Cloudfront and S3). This means there are no servers or content management applications (eg wordpress) to configure, maintain and patch.

It requires some effort to get to know HUGO, the markup language and AWS services. But the return is a simple and efficient setup. As a by-product I am learning about modern day web development. Much like Japanese swordsmanship: train to eliminate waste!

If you do encounter a security issue, please let me know.

Photo by Dayne Topkin on Unsplash