Hi, I’m Money Samurai!

In this blog, I am sharing my thoughts and ideas, many of which are inspired by the ancient wisdom of the Samurai, the noble warriors of medieval Japan.

The teachings of Japanese swordsmanship are very useful in the pursuit of financial freedom, in business and in life in general. I’m a (beginning) practitioner of Iaido, a Japanese martial art which is focused on quickly drawing of the sword. In the era of the Samurai, swordsmanship was a matter of life and death. Nowadays Iaido can be described as:

“A reflection of the morals of the classical warrior that builds a spiritually harmonious person possessed of high intellect, sensitivity, and resolute will” 1

I will take you along the road to financial freedom, from the perspective of an employee. Unlike some success stories, of people who could retire at age 30, with a capital of millions. For most people, this is not a realistic scenario. Getting towards financial freedom is hard work and will take years. But done right it is certainly possible.

The word Samurai in Japanese (侍) actually means ‘to serve’. Hopefully this blog serves and inspires you to make changes yourself towards financial freedom. Please leave your comments and thoughts!

Photo by Thomas Tucker on Unsplash

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